Partnerships with GRDIAN

Join the Team

Take part in the growing network of trusted GRDIAN dealers worldwide. When you partner with GRDIAN, you become a part our team. Whether you’re big or small, we offer personalized support that fits your needs. Our team of knowledgeable experts provide you with exclusive services, cross-promotion opportunities, referrals, content production and more.

If you operate as a installer, retail store, car dealership, or auto repair or body shop, we want to hear from you. To get started, please fill out the Dealer Application below. A GRDIAN representative will contact you shortly after submission.

Become an Authorized Dealer

GRDIAN helps drivers around the world protect their vehicles. We become a part of their daily drives wherever they go. When you partner with GRDIAN, you become a crucial part of helping us spread the GRDIAN experience to consumers around the world. We are committed to providing innovative products and bringing more customers to your store. Apply now to become a larger network of authorized dealers.



US Applicants

  • Must have brick and mortar store and/or e-commerce website.

  • Must be a legally operating business with valid state business license

International Applicants

  • We are currently only accepting applicants from Canada

Who Can Apply?

  • Brick and mortar stores and/or e-commerce websites.

  • Car Dealerships

  • Auto repair or body shops

  • Mobile Installers

What You Can Expect From Us

Dedicated Sales & Support Team

We provide a dedicated support team for you and your customers.

Genuine Products

Our products are guaranteed authentic and genuine.


Warranty services are provided to both you and your customers within the warranty period. Easily create RMAs for defective items returned to you and we’ll replace it free of charge. GRDIAN also handles direct RMAs from customers. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers are not subject to any warranty services.

Referral Opportunities
Consumers around the world are always looking for our products. Register your store locations with us so that local customers around you can visit your store.


Dealer Application

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Register your Business

Register your business with us and get referred as a certified dash cam installer.


Does your business install dash cams? Get certified and register your business info with us and get referred.

Our customers are always asking us for local dash cam installers. Register your business with us and be a part of our growing list of certified dash cam installers. GRDIAN will regularly refer customers to you in your area. This service is free of charge.

If you would like to be included and referred as a certified dash cam installer please submit your info into our directory. A GRDIAN representative may contact you to verify your information.

NOTE: To uphold the integrity of our list, GRDIAN regularly checks for customer satisfaction reviews. At our discretion, your listing may be removed if there is a growing number of negative reviews.

Register Your Business Form

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Store Location
Store Location
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Social Media Influencer Program

Our team of social media influencers play an important role in helping us spread the word of our brand and our products. Some influencers we have worked with in the past include WorkPlayDrive, Team4runner, Twisted4runner and more. Whether you are on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, we want to hear from you. When you partner with us, our objective is to bring product awareness and supply in-depth reviews of our products to potential customers.

NOTE: Due to the amount of applicants, we will only be responding to accepted applicants. If you have not heard back from us within 30 days, you may reapply.


  • Minimum of 10k followers on Instagram.

  • Must be auto, tech, or lifestyle related.


  • Minimum of 10k subscribers on YouTube.

  • Must be auto, tech, of lifestyle related.

What We Look For

  • Quality of followers (% of fake followers will be analyzed)

  • Community engagement (blogs, forums, Facebook groups, etc)

  • Consistent engagement with your followers

  • Previous brands you have worked for

  • Growth

Social Media Influencer Application
YouTubers will have preferred treatment.

Name *


Do you have your own blog? Are you looking for something new to write about? Let’s work together!

What We Look For

  • Must be actively engaging with your readers

  • Consistent posts

  • Must be auto, tech, of lifestyle related.

Blogger Application

Name *
Please tell us about yourself and your blog.

Apply for a Affiliate Code

The Affiliate Program provides a unique way for you to help us promote the GRDIAN brand and reach potential customers all over the world. Help us promote our brand and get paid. For more details about our Affiliate Program click here.

Social Media Info
If you have multiple pages, separate with comma.
If you have multiple pages, separate with comma.
You can request a custom code for your users to use. Otherwise a random code will be generated for you.