“Over the past few decades, technology has undoubtedly become integrated into our daily lives than ever before. Just take a second and look around you. We’re surrounded by technology evolving at a rapid pace. At GRDIAN, safety and security is our primary focus. Our products are designed to make your life safer and better. We’re obsessively passionate about our products and we’re excited share the latest technological innovations with you.”



GRDIAN was founded by Tim Lin in 2016 in Pasadena, California. We started as a small e-commerce company and have since evolved into a national brand reaching thousands of users across the U.S. Since our launch, we have transformed and expanded our line of products to help users continue to protect themselves better on the road. We continue to develop and deliver the latest technology and deliver them into the hands of drivers around the world.

Our Mission

GRDIAN was founded on the fundamental basis of sharing our passion for technology and innovation with the people around us. We share a common goal of building a customer-centric culture, which translates to putting our customers at the center of everything we do. Our mission at GRDIAN is to create a a safer and more transparent world for everyone with the help of technology.