Trademark & Brand Policy

Effective October 7, 2019

Outlined below is a informational guide that will help guide you on how to correctly use the GRDIAN® brand.


GRDIAN’s® trademarks and trade dress are protected in the U.S. and internationally. GRDIAN’s® trademarks include, but are not limited to, GRDIAN®, Capture the Unexpected®, DEFENDR™, DEFENDR+™, our GRDIAN® logo, our GRDIAN-Capture the Unexpected® logo, and other graphics, phrases or images that identify and associate with GRDIAN’s® product and services. Do not alter or modify the GRDIAN® brand that may confuse the GRDIAN® brand with another brand. 

You may use our GRDIAN® wordmarks such as GRDIAN®, DEFENDR™, Capture the Unexpected®, but not our logos in truthful and factual statements to communicate: (1) that your product is made for use with GRDIAN’s devices or services, or (2) that your content, images and videos were captured using an authentic GRDIAN® branded device, or (3) your interest in GRDIAN’s® products or original GRDIAN® media. 


We do not permit our marks on accessories, applications, merchandise, or anything else. This would include anything you create such as t-shirts, hats, or bags.  

Our marks may not be used as part of your product name and must be used in a way that appears less prominent than your product or service name. Your use must not create the impression that GRDIAN® endorses, sponsors, approves of, or is in any way associated with your product or service. Please do not use our marks in any way that would damage the marks, be misleading to consumers, or be derogatory to GRDIAN® or its goods or services.

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Please do not apply a trademark containing GRDIAN®, DEFENDER™, DEFENDR+™, Capture the Unexpected®, or any of our other marks. Do not use the aforementioned in websites or domains, even if it is a variation or misspelling of any one of our marks. Fan sites or websites should not look distinctively close as to confuse the audience whether it is your site or ours. 


With your help your content can be part of the GRDIAN® community. Content tagged #GRDIAN, #TEAMGRDIAN reaches a bigger audience and furthers the building of a community. To further authenticate content captured with GRDIAN® devices, we offer a introduction template you can use.

Buy from an authorized retailer, reseller, or distributor of our products.

We take the protection of our brand very seriously. Authentic GRDIAN® products can only be bought at, Amazon, ebay, and select stores. Help us maintain the integrity and authenticity of our brand by only purchasing from these sources.