Natalie Jemini


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I currently drive a 2015 G37 sedan. He goes by the name Charles!

About Natalie

Hometown: Parkland, Florida

Tell us about the car you currently drive: I currently drive a 2015 G37 sedan. He goes by the name Charles! My car has full Airrex air suspension including bags, struts and management, the full three section GTHAUS catback exhaust, and Rotiform KPS wheels!

Name some of the cars you have had in the past. Name your favorite: All Infiniti’s. 2005 G35 sedan, 2008 g35 sedan, 2012 G37 sedan and my current 2015 G37 sedan. Hands down my 2012 G37 sedan is my favorite! That was the car that got me into the automotive industry and the car that grew my love for driving and modifications!

3 interesting facts about you: Double jointed in both my arms and legs! I run multiple social media accounts on Instagram! (kind of my job!) More people know who my car is than me! Every show I attend without him no matter which state, I have at least 5 people asking where Charles is!

Your go-to song in the car: Anything Drake, or older hip hop and r&b! In my feelings by Drake is my favorite right now. Makes you want to jump out of the car and do the in my feelings challenge!

Craziest thing you've seen on the road: Has to be between a driver coming head on in traffic to me, a washer machine falling off a truck in front of my car, or an alligator on the side of the Florida highway.

What’s Inside Natalie’s Vehicle