The Best MicroSD Cards For Your Dash Camera 2019


Choosing the Right Memory Card for Your Dash Cam

Choosing the right memory card is crucial for the overall performance of your dash cam. Every brand and model is different. We’re here to help you choose the right memory card for your dash cam. Here are some of the things you need to look for.

Selecting the Right Model

Different models serve different purposes. Choosing the right model will ensure that your dash cam is performing with minimal issues. Most memory cards that focus on reliability and durability are called endurance models.

High Endurance Models

If you are having issues with your dash cam, the first thing you will want to do is to check your memory card. In most cases, a corrupted file or the overall integrity of the memory card will be culprit.

Models like the Samsung Pro Endurance are made specifically for intense video surveillance use. Endurance models focus on durability and reliability while reducing data corruption. This helps you get the most out of your dash cam and help you save your videos when you need it the most.



Speed Isn’t Everything

Perhaps the last thing to consider is the speed. Faster read and write speeds do not guarantee better performance for your dash cam. Most memory cards in the market today are fast enough for the most demanding applications.

UHS Speed

UHS stands for “ultra high speed”. UHS was designed to support devices that call for higher capacity and speed requirements. USH speed is apparent when shooting high-resolution videos and large RAW image formats. There are currently 3 versions of USH: UHS-I, UHS-II, and UHS-III. UHS-I is the most common and is more than sufficient for dash cam purposes.

Class Rating

Class rating is determined by the minimum speed you need to guarantee that the video being captured is recorded at a consistent and sustained rate with no loss of data. This minimum is based on a worst case scenario test. We recommend purchasing memory cards that have a class rating of 10.

NAND Types

NAND type describes the internal architecture of the memory card and the way data is stored in the memory cells. The 2 most common types available for the everyday consumer is MLC and TLC. For writing intensive applications, MLC is recommended because it is more durable and reliable.


Multi Level Cell stores multi bits of data on one cell. The read/write life cycle is considerably higher, making MLC type memory cards more durable and reliable.


Triple Level Cell stores 3 bits of data per cell. The read/write life cycle of TLC flash is considerably shorter, which makes it less than ideal for dash cam usage. However, on average TLC memory cards are cheaper.

Limited Lifespan

The memory cells of your microSD card are permanently damaged whenever data is being written. An increase in data corruption becomes apparent as these cells become more damaged over time. Don’t worry, most endurance models come with a lifespan rating. This rating helps gauge how many hours of consistent data can be written. For example, the Samsung Pro Endurance is rated at 43,800 hours of recording.

Fake Memory Cards

Unfortunately in this day and age, counterfeit goods are littered across many marketplaces. Be careful when purchasing. Unsuspecting buyers are often unaware that their SD cards are fake and do not realize that their memory cards do not match the advertised performance. Fortunately, some manufacturers are aware of this and have authentication services that may help you verify the authenticity of your memory card.

If the manufacturer does not provide a means of authentication, use this guide to help you screen your memory card. Another tool we recommend using is the H2testw test. This can be done by downloading the H2testw software here.

We recommend purchasing only from reputable sellers or directly from the manufacturer. Avoid third-party sellers from Ebay, Aliexpress and Amazon.

Our Top Recommended Memory Cards Picks For Your Dash Cam

Below are our top picks for the best microSD memory cards to use with your dash cam. We rounded up the best microSD cards based on the following: Price, Manufacturer Warranty, Performance and Customer Reviews.

Our Top Choice: SanDisk Ultra A1

The Samsung Pro Endurance takes the crown as the best microSD to use with your dash cam. It’s incredible durability and reliability makes it our top choice. Did we mention that it comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty?

Best Budget Friendly: SanDisk Ultra A1

The Transcend 400x is a good option for those tight on money. It makes our list as one of the cheapest memory cards you can get.


SanDisk Ultra

(Top Pick)


Samsung Pro Endurance


SanDisk High Endurance

(2019 Model)


Transcend High Endurance