Introducing the KRIOS mini


Pasadena, California - Today GRDIAN announced the official release of the KRIOS mini. The KRIOS mini features next generation improvements with innovative surveillance solutions. The KRIOS mini is available for pre-order now and in select stores October.


Packed with innovative features including a fully rotatable design, a Sony Exmor Image Sensor, an intuitive app design and a smart Parking Mode feature. The KRIOS mini is the ultimate single channel dash cam in the market.


Gesture Technology

Gesture photography will allow you to take pictures by simply waving under the camera, a useful feature if you need to keep a memory while on the road. Automatically sync all photos taken from the camera to your phone by connecting to the GRDIAN app.


Improved App Experience

The all new GRDIAN app will be intuitive, responsive and packed with important features. Pair it with the optional GPS antenna and view information such as distance traveled, route history, average speed, and more.


Parking Mode

Our intelligent Parking Mode will help reduce memory usage by automatically detecting your vehicle’s movement. When the camera detects a parked car, the camera will go into parking mode and record at 1 fps. The camera will resume normal recording at 30 fps when it detects movement or a bump.



Easily connect to your camera to download and share footage on-the-go.


GPS will be an optional. Track your exact location and route, speed, distance traveled, and more.

Pricing & Availability

  • The KRIOS mini will start at $149.99.

  • The GPS option will cost $189.98.

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