2 New Models to be Released in 2018


Pasadena, California - Since we started in 2016, we have worked hard to deliver quality products and services. Upon release of our first generation cameras, we have learned a lot about our customer's needs and what we can do better.

The production of 2 new dash cams is underway and is slated to be introduced by the end of 2018. We will be releasing a next generation single dash cam and a 2-channel system.

What's in Store:

Building on our line of cameras, our next generation cameras will have a completely redesigned body, new components and smarter features.


As keeping with GRDIAN standards, our cameras will be as minimally invasive as possible to the driver.

Gesture Technology

Gesture control will allow you to take pictures by simply waving under the camera, a useful feature if you need to keep a memory while on the road.

Improved App Experience

We will be working on an entirely new app that will focus entirely on usability, reliability, and the user's experience.

Parking Mode

With parking mode on, the camera will automatically record when parked. 


Wi-fi will be available on the 2 new models. This allows for easy-access if you are nowhere near a computer.


Both cameras will have GPS.

Pricing & Availability

  • Release date: TBD, before the end of 2018.

  • The single channel camera will start from at $149.99

  • The dual channel camera will be priced at $279.99

  • Additional technical specifications will become available closer to release date.

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