GRDIAN Unveils New Defendr+ Grd-a55 Dash Cam

Feature Packed with a Complete Redesign with Durability and Reliability in Mind

Pasadena, California - GRDIAN® announces an addition to our growing line of dash cams. Our most advanced dash cam yet, the DEFENDR+ features a new slim and compact design equipped with the powerful Ambarella processor.

GRDIAN's Smallest and Most Discreet Dash Cam

Building on our first generation DEFENDR dash cam, the new DEFENDR+ features an entirely new design and construction that makes it smaller, lighter, and more efficient. The DEFENDR+ ditches the screen in favor for a more compact and slimmer design that fits discreetly behind the rear view mirror away from the driver's view.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wi-Fi feature places the control of your dash cam right at the user's fingertips and allows the user to easily download, edit and share footage on the go. Live stream via Wi-Fi to view and take photos with your DEFENDR+. Easily change settings right from your iOS or Android device.

Extra Durability and Reliability

Equipped with a supercapacitor battery, the DEFENDR+ is built to withstand the seasons. Extra durability and features combine for a powerful and simple camera for any type of driver.

Optional GPS

The optional GPS Adapter is a powerful accessory. It enables the camera to capture and record various information such as speed, exact location, and more. GPS data is now embedded into the video file for extra convenience when playing back your footage. Easily view your footage side-by-side with Google Maps, Bing Maps and more with the easy to use Dashcam Viewer software for both Windows and MAC. 

Pricing & Availability

  • The DEFENDR+ starts at $139.99 (USD) and with the optional GPS at $24.99 (USD)

  • Additional technical specifications and accessories are available online at

The New DEFENDR+ Offers:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and optional GPS data receiver;

  • Supercapacitor battery for extra durability and reliability throughout the seasons;

  • New compact and sleek design to ultimate discreetness;

GRDIAN strives to deliver innovative solutions while delivering quality products and services. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. This attitude translates into the culture we aim for at GRDIAN. Our credibility is built into this brand and we are proud to stand by it.

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