What is a Hardwire Kit?

In this article we explore frequently asked questions about hardwire kits. What are hardwire kits? Can I use it in my vehicle? And what tools do I need to install it?

What is a hardwire kit?

A hardwire kit is a device that regulates power and connects your dash cam to your vehicle’s fuse box to provide constant power even after leaving your vehicle.

A hardwire kit is a must to utilize the parking mode and motion detection feature from your dash cam. By supplying and regulating the amount of power to your dash cam, a hardwire kit is the safest form of maintaining power to your dash cam 24/7 without draining your car’s battery.

NOTE: Not all dash cams have a parking mode/motion detection feature. Check with your manufacturer before installing a hardwire kit.

Can I use a hardwire kit in my vehicle?

YES. Hardwire kits are universally compatible with any kind of vehicle. As long as you can locate the fusebox, you’re good to go! Any kind of hardwire kit regardless of brand, unless specified, will be compatible with your vehicle.

NOTE: Trucks often use 24V batteries. Make sure the hardwire kit you are using is compatible with 24V.

What tools do I need to Install a hardwire kit?

In general, most hardwire kit installation requires:

  • Multimeter or a Test Light

  • Add-a-fuse

  • Extra Fuses

  • Crimp Tool

How do I Install a hardwire kit?

Hardwiring your dash cam may seem like a daunting task, but we’re to help you navigate through each step. You’ll find just about everything thing you need to know to help you properly and safely install the Charger Plus without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Online Guide: View

WARNING: Improper installation and handling may cause serious damage to your vehicle. GRDIAN is not liable for any mishandling and damages resulting from this guide. Install at your own discretion. Consult your car technician if you continue to have issues. GRDIAN cannot provide help, instructions or recommendations beyond this guide. Please follow each step accordingly to ensure safe installation.

Charger Plus Hardwire Kit

The Charger Plus is the preferred hardwire kit for GRDIAN products. Furthermore, the Charger Plus is universally compatible with any dash cam regardless of brand.

The Charger Plus is a battery discharge prevention device with a built-in timer and low voltage protection settings. When the Charger Plus detects a voltage drop below the set threshold, power is automatically cut-off to the dash cam. By cutting off power, battery drain is prevented.

In addition, with a built-in timer (which many hardwire kits lack), power to the dash cam will be cut-off when the set time is met. This allows you to control the amount of time you want power to run to your dash cam. This is especially useful when drivers do not want to record over long period of time thus an additional preventive measure to battery drain.

NOTE: Not all hardwire kits have built-in timer and low voltage protection settings.


Charger Plus Hardwire Kit

The most advanced hardwire kit in the market